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» Comics - Forest Dew - 30 - September 1st, 2008, 1:50 am

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The Management Says:
Heldrad, September 1st, 2008, 1:51 am

hello! I'm back :D
it's the 30th page! woah~ just 11 pages more and I'm done! >u<

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User Comments:
Aafjez, September 1st, 2008, 2:05 am

........why must you end it so soon? I love it!

Glory Morgenbriese, September 1st, 2008, 2:55 am

Aww! "An angel!" So cuuuute~ >w< Shame that it'll be ending so soon. But then that means Cloe will be updated again, right? [/Shot]

Anyway, I can't wait to see how this goes. I hope Yurue stays with Caesar! D:

Akki333, September 1st, 2008, 8:25 am

Awww,hes completly in love with him!!XD
Just 11 pages to go?Cant wait!!!XD Wanna see the ending and then you gonna continue Cloe and i can drool over R again!!XD

nurix, September 1st, 2008, 8:27 am

what do you mean 'done'? don't tell me this story is gonna end soon? lol, i hope it's just the first chapter you're talking about.
ceasar looks so hopelessly in love! lol, it's too cute!

Tokay, September 1st, 2008, 10:28 am

Wait, 'done in 11 pages'.... does that mean that the story itself will be ending... or is that how many pages you have to go until your deadline, but the story will continue from there?

Sorry if I'm not making any sense... Either way, it is a gorgeous story and I will watch for your every update, even if it IS ending soon. :)

And... this kind of innocent love is so sweet. ;o;

Stephi, September 1st, 2008, 11:42 am

Aww, I love this comic.

Scholl, September 1st, 2008, 12:44 pm

Hola, muchas gracias por acordarte.. échale muchas ganas vas muy bien, cuidate mucho abrazos, saludos a tu familia.

BlackCatz, September 1st, 2008, 12:48 pm

Caesar is so handsome! And the 2 women? Funny~ hehheh... 11 pages left? *sob*; but I'm sure they'll be awesome pages! XD

-MA-, September 1st, 2008, 1:14 pm

I don't know why but this page seem to be the cutest.

Kurayami, September 1st, 2008, 2:57 pm

It's how it's suppose to be!

arataamaya, September 1st, 2008, 9:27 pm

Only eleven more pages? I'll cry when this ends!

Pokemon?, September 1st, 2008, 11:19 pm


Just kidding, again. But really, poor Caesar. XP

Oh, y'know what this reminds me of? Peter Pan... the book version. X3

Hikaru (Guest), September 1st, 2008, 11:26 pm

Man, poor kid! Hope he figures himself out before his sight comes back!

Raisarose, September 2nd, 2008, 12:16 am

As much as I adore Cloe, I hope you aren't ending the whole comic in 11 pages

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